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We are Wisconsin’s premier laser tattoo removal clinic!

Why?  Because Laser Tattoo Removal is all we do.

What makes us different is our advanced Astanza Duality laser technology and expertly trained medical staff.   We are not a medical spa that offers a variety of cosmetic procedures—we are a specialty tattoo removal clinic that performs strictly laser tattoo removal.

We are non-judmental, we’re friendly, and we’re approachable. Our goal is for our clients to be comfortable – in our office, and outside our doors. Our atmosphere is laid-back, warm & friendly, not cold and sterile.

At Madison Laser Tattoo Removal,
getting rid of your unwanted ink is our focus and forte!

The technician (Emily) is super knowledgeable and professional. She makes the experience a lot better! I’ve seen excellent lightening in my large rib piece after only one session and the scarring from getting the tattoo has improved. Thanks, Emily!!!   Megan Mackowiak | Google Review

First session on this Bird Tattoo.  The whiteness you see as the laser penetrates the skin is called “frosting” and goes away within a few minutes. 

Before and after pictures

If you’re still not convinced about the powers of laser tattoo removal, check out these before and after pictures of patients that received treatment with our Astanza Duality laser. Our Duality is highly effective in removing tattoo ink and is certain to leave your skin looking radiant and ink-free.

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